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Intriguing English Eocene Tiny Fossilised Marine Creature of the Tethys Sea

English Tethys Eocene tiny marine fossil (not identified)

English Tethys Eocene tiny marine fossil (not identified)

No idea what this tiny fossilised creature is.  I intend taking photos of it at higher resolution to add to this post.  It’s in a pebble/cobble of Mixon Alveolina Limestone dredged from the Owers Bank in the English Channel several miles off Littlehampton, which is thought to date from the Bartonian age of the Eocene epoch, deposited in the north western extremity of the Tethys Sea about 40 million years ago.

(Unfortunately I’ve “mislaid” this micro-fossil amongst the dozens of pebbles and cobbles of this English Tertiary “limestone” that I’ve collected.  So, until I locate it again I won’t be posting more pictures of it.  As to identifying it, I’ve been looking at bryozoa and closely related families of species which I know next to nothing about.  If anyone can give a pointer to identify this micro-fossil then please use the “Contact” page to give me information about it).

(NB. I’ve mislaid this specimen.  I’ll post more on it when I find it).